Top 5 Best Gaming Chair Under 10000 in India 2023

These Are The Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs Under 10000 in India 2023

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India – All That India Wants to Know About Gaming Chair

The immersive gaming experience is the utmost desire of every potential gamer. Don’t let frustration, imperfect posture, or an uncomfortable chair ruin your gaming experience. Knock out such insecurities when you have the best gaming chairs available online. This gaming chair review is all about the best gaming chair under 10000 INR in India. So, let’s start exploring the coolest gaming chairs in India that are trendy as well as pocket friendly.

Being Indian, we have a practical approach to shopping. Especially when it comes to shopping online, we are a bit conscious. Obviously, the main reason is the doubt about the quality and the sub-standard services by some e-commerce sites. That’s why you need to make a strong decision by choosing the best products from a trusted manufacturer. But here the question remains the same. How to choose the best product or know the quality of the product? That’s exactly where buying guides and reviews come in. In fact, the main motive of such guidelines is to help customers shop for the best thing in the desired category. The best gaming chair under 10000 INR is one such effort from the enthusiast gamers determined to search, sort out, and suggest the best.

Why switch to a Gaming chair from a traditional office chair?

Gaming chairs are a true revolution in the traditional office chair category. They are specifically designed to complement the prolonged screen hours that are the new norm. Well, sitting for more than 8 hours in a fixed position might be more harmful than you think. Scientifically saying, the human body cannot withstand that much stress. That’s why you need to have a perfect support system for extensive work. Gaming chairs are one such option.

Being a potential gaming chair user, I must say that working long has become a breeze with my gaming chair. The ergonomic design of the chair makes it perfectly the best gaming partner.  You might feel a deep relaxing feeling in your buttock and back area only in a few days. Genuinely saying, a quality gaming chair is an investment for a lifetime. So, rather than paying again and again; go with a one-time investment.

Here is The List of Top 10 Best Gaming Chair under 10000 INR in India 2023

If you are one who wants to buy the best gaming chair under 10000 INR in India, then this review is for you. With a savvy knowledge of the niche, we review and suggest the best chairs to make your shopping easier. So, let’s start the review. Here are the top 5 best picks by the Editor.

1. Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 17.42Kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150Kg
  • Colour: Black-Red
  • Removable headrest and lumbar pillow
  • Adjustable 2D armrest
  • 2mm thick steel frame

With a bossy look, fiery design, and a perfect 5-star rating, Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700 is the prior best gaming chair in 10000 rupees. The headrest and the lumbar pillow are truly a gift at this price.

The alluring bad with a perfectly Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700

Complementing red colour dominates the chair. It is a perfect choice if you are a YouTuber looking for the best gaming chair in India and giving a specific theme to your game room.

The chair features a car-seat design that offers thigh support side bolsters waist and shoulder pads and is scientifically proven to support a spin system.

The chair is absolute bliss with spacious dimensions and adjustable heights. Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700 has a class 4 gas lift that makes it safe to adjust the height at any level. With a complete 360° swivel, the chair is ideal for anyone who wants exclusive features at the lowest price.

You may never find such an amazing chair in less than 10,000. So, there is no need to think twice for those who are on a strict budget.

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700 is a trustworthy and fun partner to work on with the adjustable mode you want.


  • Cold moulded foam for extra and long-lasting comfort
  • Upgraded and more spacious design
  • The soft PU-leather is easy to clean and built to last-long
  • It is easier on your back and posture for more extended periods of use
  • Offers right angle that compliments your body and posture
  • Comfortable, skin-friendly and wear-resisting PU leather


  • No cons so far.

2. Chair Garage Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 17Kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120gm
  • Colour: Black-White
  • Material: Faux leather
  • An ideal choice for gamers, in offices and study purpose

Chair Garage Gaming Chair is designed to give you maximum support and comfort for easy working hours on your computer.

The adjustable office chair includes Cushion Foam Padded support and a recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight, resisting back pain issues.

Its design makes it the right choice for your high-esteem office. Besides, its comfort and colours make it attractive to be a part of your studio.

What’s absolutely satisfying is the price. You are getting a great chair from a high authority brand at a reasonable price. We can say don’t be left out of the chance to get the deal.

The chair has premium fabric and spacious dimensions. So, you don’t need to worry about the weight-bearing ability of the chair.

It is a perfect blend of glossy black and white colour. Most importantly, one can judge the comfort of this fantastic chair from its ergonomic design.

It’s time for you to give rest to your aching and sore back muscles with the best gaming chair under 10000 in India.

Moreover, its ultra-comfortable seat makes it one of its types in the industry.


  • It is designed to offer maximum comfort and support
  • A budget-price gaming chair
  • Coordinates perfectly with every gaming room, office setup, and room décor
  • Its fine quality mesh that doesn’t let the heat build-up while you work
  • The chair comes with a proactive body and spinal support


  • No user complaints have been noted so far.

3. TANRI Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Key Features –

  • Colour: Black- Orange
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Caster wheels: 50mm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 85Kg

The next chair in the list for best gaming chair in India under 10000 is TANRI Gaming Chair with breathtaking design and exceptional premium quality.

The firm padding of the chair makes it durable. At the same time, it is a perfect combination of seamless and stylish prominent stitches.

The TANRI Gaming Chair perfectly goes with the interior design of your studio. What’s impressive about this chair is the moulded foam specifically designed to withstand pressure—no more pain in the buttock area due to long hours of sitting.

The chair is liked the most due to the stunning matt black-orange that imparts a royal colour.

The main feature that compelled us to enlist in the top 3 is the sturdy metallic frame. You won’t find a chair with a metallic frame at a reasonable price. The premium quality PU and PVC material is the secret to the shine and durability of the upholstery.

Besides that, not only gamers, but the TANRI gaming chair is ideal and works as a rocking chair for elders.

The perfect blend of booming features and classy look makes it one of the best gaming chair in India under 10000.


  • Double cushioned back for extra comfort and support
  • Adjustable padded arms
  • Padded headrest for full neck support
  • Smooth swirl motion with caster wheels
  • Any position tilt lock


  • No user complaints so far.

4. Ant E-Sports gaming chair

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Key Features –

  • Weight: 15Kg
  • Colour: Black-Green
  • Mechanism: Butterfly mechanism
  • Backrest: 90-135 degrees
  • Gas lift: 80mm

The Ant E-Sports gaming chair is the next best gaming chair under 10000 in the list with a standard Robotic design.

The fantastic price of the chair makes it rank in the top gaming chairs on Amazon.

Well, what’s fantastic about the chair is the powerfully attractive black and green robotic touch, making it the perfect fit for your elegant gaming room.

So, no matter whether you are a potential gamer, work bee, or YouTuber, everybody in your circle is going to love this chair.

The dimensions are perfect for an average-height individual. What we like the most about this chair is the chrome-plated metal base, and it imparts strength and adds value and beauty to the chair. The chair has a 2 inches padded seat that motivates you to do more and more work. When relaxed, naturally, you feel active and can work more.

Ant E-Sports gaming chair is a lightweight chair that can withstand a maximum weight capacity of more than 100Kg.

The robust frame construction with butterfly mechanism and 80mm class 2 gas lift makes it one of the latest additions to the high comfort range.

Moreover, the neck rest pillow and improved armrest stop the frustration of sitting in the same position for so long.


  • Super smooth caster wheels for mobility
  • Ideally comfortable for extensive working
  • The chair has a soft class 2 gas lift
  • It is made of high-density new foam
  • 350mm Silver Painting Metal Base


  • It takes some time to assemble the chair.

5. CADDY Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair under 10000 in India

Key Features –

  • Model: DMG01
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Leather

The last but equally best gaming chair under 10000 in the list is CADDY Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

If you are one in search of comfort and sophistication, CADDY Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the one.

CADDY Ergonomic Gaming Chair is an ultra-luxe, high back chair with a supportive headrest and high-quality features at the most affordable price.

The chair has a classy design and a bossy look being the bestseller in gaming, study and home furniture.

The chair comes with a flat 1-year warranty and repair and replacement coverage during the given time.

The chair is made up of glass-filled polyamide known in the industry for its strength and durability. Besides, the upholstery has a premium breathable fabric with a signature quality.

The best thing about the chair is that it is primarily designed to fit under the standard gaming rooms.

Its elegant matte design with brainstorming features makes it one of the top 10 best gaming chair under 10000 in India.


  • It’s a durable fabric and looks coordinates well with décor
  • An ultra-luxe high-back chair
  • The chair offers a supportive headrest and superior lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel for effortless height adjustments
  • Sleek and professional style


  • No user complaints and issues so far.

Top Pick

Suggesting the top pick is the critical decision-making step, and one needs to be very careful. Well, for your satisfaction, let us tell you that we take responsibility for every product that we suggest. Responsible industry analysis, extensive research, region trends, and category filters are the basics of any review.

So, for India’s best gaming chair under 10000, the top pick is none other than Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-700.

The chair is a new launch, so the sales are not significant. But our analysts have thoroughly reviewed and researched the product. This chair has the potential to rock & sale and soon to be a competition to the big names in the gaming chair industry.

The chair has so many exciting features that it deserves to be the Editor’s top pick.

Other than Pulse gaming chair, you can trust and buy Chair Garage Gaming Chair as it exhibits the features of high-cost chairs at a reasonable price. Hence, Chair Garage Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair under 10000 in India.

Buying guide for the best gaming chair under 10000 in India

Over the past few years, the gaming world has integrated so far, and so is the gaming chair. With bundles of crazy features and models, it’s quite tough to pick up the best gaming chair in India under 10000.

Thus, this buying guide will help you know more details about gaming chairs and let you buy the best gaming chair in India for under 10000.

Type of Chair

The major gaming chairs listed below are supreme choices for gamers, along with benefits and differences.

PC Gaming Chairs- These are the most appreciated in the gaming industry and users. It is an ideal choice for gamers who play PC games regularly.

The PC gaming seat has castors, height, and recline adjustments. Still, the comfortable armrests, superior headrests, lumbar support, and detachable cushioning make it one of the best comforting choices.

Racer Gaming Chair – They are just like PC gaming chairs but with more cushioning, support, and adjustability.

Along with the best comfort, it also offers endurance over long periods.

In addition to the normal PC gaming chair includes more advanced features like steering wheels, gas/brake foot pedals, and wheel/pedal support plates.

Pedestal Gaming Chair – The Pedestal gaming chair combines a recliner, swivel and rocker gaming chair.
It is designed to offer cushioned comfort with a backrest, armrests, and headrest.

Hybrid gaming Chairs – Most Hybrid Gaming Chairs are usually customized for a select group of players who can afford them.

Advanced Hybrid gaming chairs are equipped with advanced options like multiple monitors, surround sound speakers, and game control mechanisms.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs- It works as gaming chairs and sofa, used multipurposely. Simply they are specially designed gaming sofa with extreme comfort and support.

Here are the features you must check out before choosing the best one.

Easy to move and Space-saving

Along with a comforting and supporting gaming chair, you must search for a gaming chair with a space-saving yet comfy design.


While choosing the best gaming chair, the chair should be a user’s priority.

Carrying capacity

The maximum load capacity of the gaming chair should be 20 kg more than your actual weight. Whereas in general, atleast go with one with 120Kg or more weight capacity.


You should check the warranty period if you plan on using the gaming chair for a long time. Thus, make sure that the chair has a warranty of 1 year or more.


None of these are pre-assembled when you get them out of the box. There is some basic assembly required, but if you find it difficult or don’t have the necessary tools, you can ask for help from the manufacturers.

Free air circulation

If you’re looking for the best gaming chair in India, ensure it has cushions and fabrics. As it allows easy open-air circulation leading to easy and breathable sitting.

Our goal is to have you pick up the best possible gaming chair by receiving all the details you need to take full advantage of.

We hope the buying guide will help you get a good idea of the best gaming chair under 10000 in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming chairs good for long hours?

Gaming chairs are a practical solution as they keep the spine aligned while sitting. The reduced stress translates into higher energy levels, and you can sit for long hours.

What makes a gaming chair better?

The secret that makes a gaming chair better is a higher backrest, offering soothing and long-lasting comfort for hours.

What are gaming chairs for?

Gaming chairs ensure a comfortable position for the gamers and find the perfect position by moving, shifting, rocking, or tilting while gaming or sitting for prolonged working hours.

Besides that, the advanced features work as icing on the cake for the users.

Does a gaming chair really help?

Yes, gaming chairs are designed to help the users facing back or neck pain issues, while gaming offers proper comfort and support and maintains the appropriate posture for the body.

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