Top 5 Best Gaming Chair Under 8000 in India 2023 – Reviews With Buying Guide

These Are the 5 best gaming chair under 8000 in India 2023

Gaming chairs are in high demand and there is a bunch of reason for that. Do you know what the reason behind the back-to-back winning of gamers is? It’s a fully equipped resource and concentration. But, how can one concentrate for hours without moving from the same place?

Well, it is possible now.

With the best gaming chair in India, it is possible. But, then what about budget? Not everyone has a high budget, or not everyone can spend a fortune on gaming chairs. What if I say you only need 8k. Yes! You heard me right.

Our today’s article is going to give you the best Gaming Chair under 8000 in India. Now, all you have to do is read the full article and keep your 8k ready. With us, it’s easy-peasy to get what you are looking for.

Starting with our top 10 contestants for best gaming chair in India Under 8000. A never have I ever deal to play with.

Top 5 best Gaming Chair under 8000 in India 2023

1. Savya Home APEX Apollo Chrome Base High Back chair

best Gaming Chair under 8000

Key Features –

  • Dimensions- 48.3 x 48.3 x 134.6 cm
  • Product weight- 15Kg
  • Maximum weight capacity- 125kg
  • Ventilated seat
  • Height Adjustment
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • 360-degree swivel

The Savya Home APEX Apollo Chrome Base High Back chair is one of the best Savya home chairs at the lowest price. It has an expressive design of the human spine with a heavy-duty swivel mechanism for extreme mobility. It has a height-adjustable feature with a class 4 gas lift and has four nylon caster wheels. The seating is padded and thick with a soft texture and is powerfully designed with plastic material. The metal base is quite strong with a chrome plate. The 2-inch-thick padded seat lets you long last for hours. Overall and ergonomically designed office chair.


  • Lowest price Easy to assemble
  • One year warranty
  • Quite decent weight capacity
  • One-touch height and tilt mechanism


  • No such cons

Savya Home APEX Apollo Chrome Base High Back Chair Reviews-

This Savya Home APEX Apollo Chrome Base High Back chair with all the qualities an office chair should have. Heavyweight capacity, design, warranty, low price. Check it on Amazon now.

2. Chair Garage mid-Back Gaming Chair

best Gaming Chair under 8000

Key Features

  • Material – Faux leather
  • Total weight of the product- 11 kg
  • Color options- Black
  • Maximum weight Capacity- 90Kg

The Chair Garage Mid-Back Gaming Chair is one of the most incredible selections for your home. Either for study, gaming, or office use, this is a perfect option. For the right and straight posture, you can turn your head towards the gaming chair. It is an adjustable gaming chair with a cushion foam padded backrest and adjustable armrest to make gaming an easy task for you. This high back gaming chair is a perfect long-duration partner for its long durability, plus you don’t need to put extra effort into cleaning the chair, as you can easily clean it with a wet cloth. It is a never finding deal.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Comfy and lightweight
  • Padded backrest
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Highly recommended


  • No such cons

Chair Garage mid Back Gaming Chair Reviews-

It is one of the best gaming chairs one could ask for. With the most notable features and qualities, it is a highly recommended chair. With easy setups and cleaning, this is one of the chairs you could look out for.

3. Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair for Home

best Gaming Chair under 8000

Key Features

  • Dimensions- 86 x 45 x 47 cm
  • Total weight of the product- 11 kg
  • Color options- Black, Grey, Maroon, Orange
  • Height Adjustments- 5′ to 5’10”
  • Maximum weight Capacity- 90Kg

Another top one in best gaming chairs under 8000 is Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair for Home. It has a breathable mesh fabric for precise airflow. It has a thick molded foam seat which helps in eliminating heat and keeping the body cool. The chair has tilt mode for extreme relaxation. Not only that, the chair has a height adjustment feature with a fiber armrest. It has a 360-degree swivel with 50mm caster wheels. The height of the chair can be adjusted from 5′ to 5’10”. Along with that, the chair is exceptionally comfortable sitting with a soft padded seat.


  • Easy assembly
  • One year warranty
  • Tilt mode
  • Height Adjustments
  • Strong caster wheels
  • Torsion Knob


  • The armrest is not adjustable

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair for Home Reviews-

This extremely comfortable Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair for Home chair. Check this master chair now.

4. CELLBELL C102 High Back Office/Computer/Desk/Gaming Chair

best Gaming Chair under 8000

Key Features

  • Dimensions- 50×40×39
  • Colour options- Black, green
  • Product weight- 17.5 kg
  • Maximum weight capacity- 110 kg
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomic armrest
  • Tilt mechanism

Who not want a low price and more comfort? The design of this chair will let all others fail in front of it. With black colour leather and brown stitches on it makes it look premium. The thick layer of foam on the backrest is the best option for sitting. The seat has a thick padding foam. The backrest can be tilted at 110° with a curved shaped armrest for a better grip. The chair has an adjustable height feature, with steel caster rollers and wheels that are 50mm. It is a perfect fit for both homes as well as offices. An easy-going chair.


  • Easy assembly
  • One year warranty
  • Synthetic leather is used
  • Pushback lock
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Strong steel base
  • 360° swivel


  • No such cons

CELLBELL C102 High Back Office/Computer/Desk/Gaming Chair Reviews-

One of the highest-rated office chairs. Make this a show off your look now.

5. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Office/Director/Gaming Chair

best Gaming Chair under 8000

Key Features

  • Colour options- bronze, black, red
  • Dimensions- 85×53×53
  • Product weight- 15 kg
  • Full comfort provider to spine
  • 120° backward tilt
  • Heavy quality metal base
  • Solid and smooth caster wheels
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Molded foam seat

Are you in search of a simple yet bossy chair? The ones that are primarily seen in your boss’s office? Yeah, that one. Now, it can be the show to your personality too. This is a multi-purpose chair and can be used for office purposes, study purposes, plus gaming purposes. It is a perfect fit for all kinds of body shapes. It gives a premium feel while sitting. The chair has a layer of thick foam over its back and the seat with a backrest of a perfect human spine structure with a 120° backward tilt. This chair has an utterly padded armrest for full-hand support.

The chair is height adjustable so, no need to worry about height issues. The chair is blessed with a heavy-duty metal base with solid caster wheels for smooth movement. The chair is overall a crazy blessing to long-term sitters.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality artificial leather
  • Extra padding on the seat
  • Durability
  • Sturdy


  • No reclining option

beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Office/Director/Gaming Chair reviews-

This multi-featured office chair has got 4/5 reviews overall the online shopping platform. Check the best and discounted prices now on Amazon.

Buying Guide for best Gaming Chair under 8000 in India-

Here are few tips that will help you to choose an ideal gaming chair under 8000 for you-

Check for the right height: The height of the chair varies from person to person. Many chairs are made for people with high height, while some people are made for short height. Thus check the height adjustment features before buying the chair.

Maximum Weight Capacity: It’s essential to have a chair that can handle your weight capacity. Therefore, always look for a chair with a maximum weight capacity of atleast 10kg more than your actual weight.

A metal swivel: The whole weight of the chair lies on the base; thus, it’s demanded a heavy metal base for the swivel.

Armrest: These days, most gaming chairs are equipped with adjustable armrests. Thus, look for one. It can be either 2D, 3D, or 4D.

Foam Density: For a more extended sitting position, the seat must be comfortable, and it is only possible if the seat has high-density foam.

Lumbar support – Lumbar support is the primary reason why gaming chairs are in high demand. Lumbar support is mandatory for back support and relieves back pain when you are spending more than 8 hours in the same chair.

Best Pick
best Gaming Chair under 8000

beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs Under 8k

In the article, we have given you the list of the top 5 best gaming chairs Under 8000 in India, but choosing one among them, is a natural nut to crack. Thus, we have chosen one best among the top 5.

And that is beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Office/Director/Gaming Chair, the number fifth in our list and the top-seller and 4/5 rated gaming chair in India. It is one of the best-recommended gaming checks. Check the product and get to know more about it.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the importance of gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs play a significant role in keeping your spine aligned. Not only that, the extreme level of comfort you are going to experience with gaming chairs is out of the blue moon. The more comfortable you are, the more focused and award-winning your game will be.

2. What is the reason for the holes in gaming chairs?

Air circulation is a must for smooth and comfortable seating. The holes in gaming chairs manage the airflow during the extended period of gaming sessions.

3. Do gaming chairs have any side effects on the back?

No, in fact, it’s vice versa. Gaming chairs have positive effects on the back. If you have back pain issues due to sitting for long hours, gaming chairs are best in resolving them.

The gaming chairs are designed to shape a human spine curve that fits perfectly with your back while sitting and delivers immense comfort.

4. Is there any risk of body pain if the gaming chairs are used regularly?

Of course, no, even gaming chairs play a significant role in relieving the body pain caused by the excessive use of ordinary plastic chairs.

5. For which age gaming chairs are available?

There are no specific age criteria for gaming chairs. People of any age group can use them. Yes, the design of gaming chairs for kids can be slightly different from the people of other age groups.

The gaming chairs differ in weight, height, and size of people. You can check the description to check whether the gaming chair is suitable for you or not.

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of the article, and we hope your search for the best Gaming Chair in India under 8000 ends here with us.

Showing the best masterpieces is on us, but which one and how you choose depends on you because no one knows you better than you.

We hope, next time, you will be reading one of our articles while sitting in one of the gaming chairs from our list of best Gaming Chairs under 8000 in India.

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