Circle Gaming Chair CH80 Review & Price in India 2023

Circle Gaming Chair CH80- Worth it or Not? [Review 2023]

What could be better than having a comfortable gaming chair as your work partner? Well, if the choice is right, all the distractions automatically fade away. What brings you here is the curiosity to learn everything about Circle Gaming Chair CH80. So, if you have made up your mind to buy this chair, this in-depth analysis is going to help you decide.

An ergonomic gaming chair is the desire of any gamer. But of hundreds of brands available in the market, it gets really difficult to select the perfect one for you. Well, the best trick is to narrow down the criteria to find the ultimate best. For instance, you can narrow down the search criteria to your budget. In addition, you can limit the criteria according to usage.

For your convenience, we have made a choice easier with our detailed analysis. At, we believe in imparting and suggesting only the best products. Circle Gaming Chair CH80 is one such product. So, let’s dive in to learn everything in detail about this fantastic racing chair.

Circle Gaming Chair CH80 Review- A detailed Analysis

Circle Gaming Chair CH80 is one of the best gaming chairs in India. With its enticing appearance and sturdy frame, Circle gaming Chair wins the customer’s hearts. Let’s have a quick look at some salient features of this amazing chair.

Circle Gaming Chair CH80
Circle Gaming Chair CH80 Feature

Characteristic features that make it worth the Price

Here are some breathtaking features of the product that compelled our team to review the product for you. These are:

  • First off, the crimson red color with a perfect combination of graceful black gives it a bossy look. Hence, it’s the ultimate choice for potential gamers just like you.
  • Secondly, the upholstery seams are powerfully vivid and give strength to the fabric.
  • Thirdly, it has an appealing headrest and backrest that provide the utmost comfort. The vivid colors and patterns give it a jazzy look perfect to go with the gaming niche.
  • Fourth, the frame is made up of durable, lightweight polyvinyl chloride. So, this chair is ideally portable.
  • The metallic base is coated with lustrous black paint that adds to the grace of the chair.
  • Besides, the seat is made up of high-quality polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride. The fabric is truly tried and tested to save it from wear and tear.
  • The upholstery is made up of high-quality molded foam that makes it much more watery and way more comfortable.
  • Furthermore, the PU fabric is breathable, so it does not let any heat buildup. Consequently, you experience untiring and energetic work hours.
  • It has an adjustable backrest that can tilt from 90 to 180°. You can simply adjust it at any angle you want. You can set it to working, reading, surfing, or resting mode.
  • The latest Class 4 gas lifts make it convenient to adjust the height at any level you want. So, it is perfect for individuals ranging in height from 5- 6.5 feet.
  • In addition, it has a newly engineered butterfly mechanism that makes it the perfect fit for all your needs.
  • It has 60 mm PU caster wheels that run smoothly even on the carpeted floor.
  • The best thing about this gaming chair is the quick assembly with a consumer guide inside.
  • The chair weighs 24.5 kgs; hence it is easy for even a child to carry around.
  • Finally, the firm padding in the seating areas with strong muscular lines brings confidence in shopping for this chair.
  • Last but not least is the 4D armrests that are second to none. These adjustable armrests give the ultimate comfort to your arms while working.

With all these exciting features, this chair is one of the best gaming chairs in India.

Some Goods and Not So Good Facts

We are a team of strong analysts and critics. Therefore, we suggest every product with the strongest features. However, there are certainly some not so goods facts that we need to mention here.


  • The dimensions of the chair are 82.4 x 66.2 x 33 cm. So, it can adjust accordingly to any height.
  • The 4D armrests are absolutely amazing for a sedentary lifestyle. You can rest your arm by turning it in any direction.
  • You get the utmost convenience with the reclining ability of the chair.
  • The frame has a posture-friendly design to keep it erect. Hence, the Circle gaming chair is ergonomic as well as comfortable.
  • The seat is large with a 360-degree swivel. Hence, you can move it anywhere in the house or office you want with a little effort.


  • There is no warranty on this chair, which is a bit disappointing. The only insurance you get is 3 days return policy.
  • The chair has a somewhat narrow seat. Besides, the manual doesn’t specify the weight-bearing capacity. Do take note and ask before buying.
  • The armrests don’t have any padding or cushion. So, they are a bit inconvenient

Who needs to buy Circle Gaming Chair CH-80?

1. Pricing Wise

Let us answer the most-asked question from our readers. For instance, who needs to buy this racing chair. Well, to us, the most important consideration while buying any product is its Price. So, you might be wondering about the Circle Gaming Chair CH80 price in India. We suggest if you have set a budget of more than 20,000, then this chair is perfect for you. Though a bit costly, the Circle gaming chair CH80 price justifies its aspiring features.

2. Usage Wise

Knowing the right usage of a product is very important. For instance, if you work for only a few hours, an office chair is a way better choice. It is economical, as well as logical. Similarly, this chair is perfect for you if:

  • You are a passionate gamer who loves spending the whole day in front of the PC.
  • A freelancer who has to spend more than 16 hours a day in front of a PC.
  • Perfectionist graphic designer who can’t leave his chair due to the workload.
  • A boss who has to be in the office from Nine to Seven to manage everything.
  • Ideally perfect for a writer who spends most of his time at the study table.
Circle Gaming Chair CH80
Circle Gaming Chair CH80

It is highly advisable to prepare a similar list before buying anything. Obviously, it has an ergonomic design backend by science. Well, the most intriguing benefits of this product is:

  • It relieves muscle pain in the shoulder and neck region.
  • Maintains an erect posture to help you maintain your body shape in a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Comforts the aching and sore muscles of the buttock due to continuous working
  • The spacious seat relieves the lower body areas, hence relaxing your legs.

These are only a few of the many other benefits of this amazing gaming chair.

End Words by the Writer

Circle Gaming Chair CH80 is the editor’s choice when you have a budget of approximately INR 25,000. As a responsible analyst team, we count this chair as one of India’s best gaming chairs. With its ergonomic design and highly adjustable features, it wins the buyer’s hearts. The features are competent enough to rank it amongst the best gaming chairs in India.

We have a mission to make shopping easier for you. Therefore, our team is always busy researching products for you. We recommend only those products which our team finds satisfactory. India is getting smarter day by day, so why not the shopping gets smarter. Take out your smartphone, select a product, but before buying, do read an honest review.

In the end, if you like Circle Gaming Chair CH80, you can have information via the link below:

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Tell us what you liked the most about the Circle Gaming Chair CH80 review. You can always reach us out and ask for your favorite product review in the comment section below. Our support center will be happy to communicate!

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