Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734 [Monster Ultimate Series]- Review by the Industry Experts

Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734 [Monster Ultimate Series]- Review by the Industry Experts

Are you a fan of Call of the duty, Dark Souls, or Assassin’s creed? Being an enthusiast gamer, you may love to sit on the PC all day long. But every time your buttock won’t allow it. A sedentary lifestyle has awful effects on the body, especially on the weight-bearing parts. In fact, traditional office chairs are harsh on the body. Therefore, you need an ergonomic gaming chair for the ultimate gaming experience. So, if you are looking for the best gaming chair in India, Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734 is the prime choice.

Green Soul Monster Ultimate GS-734 U has exciting features that compelled us to review this product. It’s an ultimate guide that will help you decide either to shop it or not. So, without any delay, let’s start our Monster Ultimate review.

Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734 Review

Green Soul is not just a brand but an authority in the gaming chair industry. The name is a guarantee in itself for the quality and class. The GS-734 Review is a small effort by our team to make shopping convenient for you. So, let’s dive in to learn everything about this stunning chair.

Green Soul Monster Ultimate- An Overview

Green Soul Gaming Chair GS- 734 U is high in demand racing chair in India. With 82% of the 5 Star reviews, this chair is a gift for gamers. Interestingly, the chair ranks at No. 4 in its category on Amazon, which is obviously amazing. The chair gets its due credit due to the unbeatable 3 years warranty. So, having such a beneficial product at this startling Price is unbelievable.

The green soul gaming chair gs-734 price is highly reasonable. Honestly speaking, it is the best gaming chair under INR 20,000 in India. As industry experts, we find no other gaming chair beat the values and standards set by Green Soul. So, if you are thinking of buying a reliable gaming chair in India, this chair is the perfect fit. You can order it for yourself or can give it to your loved ones.

Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734
Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734 Feature

Characteristic features that make it worth the Price

Here are some of the awe-inspiring features of the product.

  • First off, Monster Ultimate is an improved and revised version of the GS Monster and Monster Pro Series. The company went the extra mile to facilitate its customers.
  • Secondly, the design is intriguingly fantastic with a jazzy touch. Subsequently, it makes it ideal for gamers.
  • Thirdly, the chair is made up of premium quality PU leather. Obviously, this leather is more comforting and breathable than ordinary leather.
  • Next, its soft fabric allows airflow, thus not letting any heat build-up. Besides, the chair has a luxurious touch compared to other racing chairs.
  • Monster Ultimate has a headrest and lumbar support for the utmost comfort. They are manufactured using premium quality memory foam. It molds and adjusts according to the shape of your body.
  • Further, it has a newly engineered frog mechanism with advanced position locks available.
  • The heavy-duty metal base makes it durable and viable to withstand the weight.
  • It has a rocking angle of 15° that makes working more fun.
  • Moreover, the backrest is adjustable. It can perfectly tilt to an angle of 180°. Hence, you can use it in the working, reading, surfing, and resting modes.
  • The 4D armrest is adjustable. In fact, it can move in all the 4 directions. You can adjust the height of the handle the way you want. 
  • Not to forget the 60 mm dual caster wheels that add to the grace of the chair.
  • Finally, the class 4 gas lift makes it easier to adjust the height. Hence, you can adjust the height of the seat according to your height. So, everyone in the family can adjust and use it.

Some Good and Not so Good Facts

An honest review demands to enlighten both the good and not so good facts. So, here are the striking Pros and Cons of this gaming chair.


  • The assembly is super easy. Even a layman can assemble in 30 minutes on his own.
  • It can bear weight up to 135 kgs, which is exceptionally better than the competitors.
  • The seat size is larger with an alluring large-sized cobra frame.
  • The seat is flat and spacious, made up of molded foam. Moreover, it has pretty good depth and is remarkably comfortable.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel that makes it easy to handle and move.


  • You may find the screws problematic as they may loosen up. Therefore, we recommend a request for assembly by the company or some technical expert.

Who is this product for?

Green Soul Gaming chair GS-734 is fit for everyone who works for hours sitting on a chair. Firstly, it is the perfect fit for crazy gameaholics who have a firm determination to make a record. Second, freelancers who have to write or edit videos all day can use it. Moreover, people in business love the sophisticated black version of this chair. You can gift this chair as a rocking chair to your elders.

Due to its pronounced health effects, even doctors prefer a decent gaming chair in their clinics. The chair is ideal for roasting on YouTube and game show hosting due to its electrifying colors. Hence, we can say everybody who sits more than 7 hours for work needs to have this chair.

Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734
Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734

Benefits of Green Soul Gaming Chair GS-734

Of the pronounced benefits, the most important are:

  • It helps in maintaining a perfect posture even after hours of long sitting.
  • In addition, the headrest provides additional comfort to the head, neck, and shoulder areas.
  • A sedentary lifestyle causes pain in the legs. The comfortable seat and the power base ease and support thighs and legs. Moreover, the seat is spacious enough to allow you to sit cross-legged.
  • Furthermore, it is available in 6 enticing colors specially formulated in view of the user’s needs. For instance, cerulean blue is for potential gamers or matte black for office use. Equally important is the Fuchsia pink-colored GS-734 specially designed for bossy ladies.
  • Finally, the armrest strengthens your arms and wrist so you can work more conveniently.

These are some of the many benefits of a gaming chair, especially as they relate to health. Almost everyone who uses this chair reviews the marked positive effects on their health. Ultimately, you can increase the time spent in front of the PC, which means you can earn more. Hence, we can say it’s a profitable investment rather than an expense.

End Words by the Writer

In the end, Green Soul Gaming Chair GS- 734 is the editor’s choice for the best gaming chair in India. As a team of responsible analysts and industry experts, we highly recommend this chair to our readers. Do research extensively while you do online shopping. The best strategy is to pick one product and read out all the testimonials carefully. In fact, reading a review about that product is even smarter.

That is exactly where comes in. Our team researches all about different products to give you an honest and unbiased review. You can trust our savvy tech analysts for a complete buyer’s guide before buying any gaming chair in India.

If you love this product like we do, and want to shop it, click on the link below.

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So, we make shopping easier. Tell us what you liked the most about the Green soul gaming chair gs-734 review. You can always reach us out and ask for your favorite product review in the comment section below. Our support center will be happy to communicate!

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