Green Soul Monster vs Beast gaming chair comparison 2023

Green Soul Monster vs Beast gaming chair comparison

Covid has snatched a lot from us, including our peace and freedom. The days are long gone when people used to roam around the streets freely. Now, the options have been limited to our rooms.

But, For one community, it’s still the same scenario. ‘ The gamers’
We have focused on all the products in the lockdown, except for one product that carries weight- The gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs play a crucial role in gamers life. Gamers have to go the extra miles to sit at a single spot for hours, which is a cause for body aches and leads to bad body posture. Thus, to make it a cinch, gaming chairs are considered as best to deal with it. As a result, gaming chairs are becoming a piece of hot news for gamers and people working from 9-5 or freelancers or long-term sitters.

Yes! Gaming chairs are pretty expensive, but it is an essential investment that will not be your long term investment, but it will also save your health and body posture.
And when it comes to gaming chairs, then ‘ Green Soul’ is an apple to the eye of the season.

Today’s article is about Green soul Monster vs Beast. Here we will compare both in high esteem gaming chairs of Green Soul.

Both Green Soul Monster and Green Soul-Beast are the high profile gaming chairs in the market. The two limelight stealer of the year.

Moving on to which one is better? And whom’ customers loved the most and why?

Green soul Monster-

” Soul of Green Soul manufacturers”

Green Soul Monster multifunctional chair is a perfect product for high height people, launched in July 2020. A monster size chair for the people of 5’8 to 6’5. The amusing design, high-quality material and hot off the fire features are attracting umpteen customers. This chair is going to serve immense comfort and a soothing experience that gamers are lacking for ages.

So, cut to the chase, and be connected with us to know more about Green soul Monster vs Beast.

Green Soul Beast-

‘ Heart of Green Soul’Green Soul-Beast is counted in the highly admired chair of Green Soul. If you are a robotic fane? or gadget lover? or car lover? With back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, this Green soul Beast will be the perfect match for your journey. The chair provides ultra support and comfort to the zenith level. Because of the combo of mechanical features and soft seating Green Soul-Beast is highly admired since September 2018 till today and more ahead.

Green soul Monster vs Beast.

Let’s see what factors both the Green soul Monster vs Beast differ from each other and how.

1. Design and build quality:

Green Soul Monster and Green Soul Beast, both gaming chairs are designed in a look of a racing car seat, wrapped in PU vegan leather that perfectly fits all the curves of your body.

Both the Green soul Monster and Green Soul-Beast are designed with a soft, breathable premium fabric that allows the airflow preventing the heat-build, and the airflow in the back enhances the blood circulation.

Both are designed with luxurious fabric, that you can sense the soft fabric on your skin while sitting.

The seats are moulded in thick moulded foam, maintaining a firm compress in the bottom and tail bone.

Plus, these fabric used are highly durable and worth every penny you’ll spend, so, if counted, then 5/5 marks to the design and build quality of both the chairs.

2. Seat :

Green Soul-Beast:

Racing Car Bucket Seat: The Green Soul-Beast has perfect car bucket seating that will give you immense comfort for long durations.

Green Soul Monster:

Flat Spacious Seat: The Green Soul Monster is a way to skip from a leg hanging position while sitting. The chair has a flat-spacious moulded foam seat that will give you immense comfort, plus you can sit in a cross-legged position as well.

3. Armrest:

Green Soul-Beast:

The armrest strike a deal. The Green Soul-Beast is equipped with a more comprehensive, thicker and comfortable armrest with an ergonomic shape and has a 3D armrest. You can adjust it in 3 different dimensions- Height adjustment(Up and Down), Angle Adjustment, and Back and Forth adjustment.

Green Soul Monster:

The Green Soul Monster has a 4D armrest and can be adjusted in four different ways. The armrest can move in back- front, left-right, up-down and In-out from the seating position.The armrest is highly adjustable and adapts your armrest, no matter in what position you are.

4. Pillow:

Both the Green Soul Monster vs Beast seals the deal with two adjustable, supportive and comfy pillow.

Neck/ Head pillow –

The neck/ head pillow is adjustable and made of velour upholstery, with high padding to serve maximum comfort to the head and neck, especially for longer durations. The neck/ head pillow serve the proper alignment for the neck, saving it from pain.

Lumbar Pillow –

Say bye to hunched back.

The chair acquires adjustable memory foam lumbar pillow made of velour upholstery that delivers premium comfort and support to the back. It is best if you are looking forward to a straight backbone.

5. Pain Reliever:

Green Soul-Beast:

The chair is designed to give you comfort for a longer duration. It relives the neck and head pain with the help of a neck/head pillow, saves you from back pain with the use of a lumbar pillow, and gives immense support to thighs, knees with the help of racing car seat design and Saves your shoulders and arms from ache, and all credit goes to the adjustable armrest.

Green Soul Monster:

The chair is the best reliever of the neck and head pain, for that all thanks to the adjustable neck/head pillow, plus it saves you from back pain, and for that, all credit goes to the lumbar pillow.

Final Verdict:

So, here’s the end of Green Soul Monster vs Beast.

Till now, you have been closely conversant with the features of both Green Soul Monster and Green Soul Beast.

Both the Chairs are the heart and soul of ‘Green Soul’.

There’s only a minute difference between the popularity of both Green Soul Monster vs Beast. The Green Soul Monster has got 4.6/5 ratings. In contrast, Green Soul-Beast is just behind it with 4.5/5 ratings.

Rest, we have compared all the other features for both Green Soul Monster vs Beast. Further, you can better decide which one suits your requirement and what you are looking for.

Thus, now the ball is in your court.

Act wisely and grab any of em’ now.

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