Green Soul Monster vs Vision Gaming Chair Comparison 2023

Which is The Best Green Soul Monster vs Vision?

The past two years have been quite disastrous for all of us; we lost so much yet gained good kilos at home. Lack of physical activity has kept at the bank to have a pot belly.

In our updated day-to-day life, we are more focused on slim fit or zero or abs rather than fitness and health.

What is your thought about fitness + work?

Yep, in the digital 21st digital century¸, if we can have flying cars, nothing is impossible.
Have you heard any hot gossip about – Green Soul Monster vs Vision?

Not one, two or hundred, but millions of options have been invented to ease the long-haul sitters. Yes, you are guessing it right; here’s the bull’s-eye gaming chairs.
Hundreds of users are in dilemma of which one to buy- Green Soul Monster or Vision.

Thus, in this article, we will review Green Soul Monster vs Vision gaming chairs.

Let’s hasp the belt to experience the journey of Green Soul Monster chair and Green Soul Vision, with the team of

Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

green soul monster vs vision

Specifications –

  • Weight: 23 Kg
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 135Kg
  • Recline degree: 180°
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White
  • Mechanism: Deer Mechanism

‘A-to-be constant in the life of professionals and gamers’

The Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair can be your crime partner if you want to extend your comfort boundaries.

The green soul has gone the extra mile to invent the stupefying monster chair.

The monster chair has breathable premium soft fabric that allows the air to follow preventing heat-build up and comfort-sitting to the user. The internal metal frame, Spandex fabric+ PU leather, and memory foam Lumbar pillow deliver the ultimate level of creature comfort.

The neck pillow, deer mechanism, adjustable reclining of 90°-180°, rocking pressure adjustor and height-adjustable features are pretty incomparable in the market.

The carbon texture 4D armrest gives a long-lasting comfort to the users with a suitable height of 5ft. 2” to 5ft. 10” (157-178cms).

Furthermore, with 3 years product warranty and safety from multiple posture issues, blood-circulation complications while sitting, and knee and back pain, the solid black-blue royal beauty is capturing the heart of thousands of users.

{NOTE: The ‘S’ is suitable for 5ft.2″ to 5ft.10″(157-178cms), whereas, ‘T’ is ideal for 5ft.8″ to 6ft.5″(172-196cms)}


  • Equipped with a flat and spacious seat for cosy-comfortable sitting
  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Shoulder, neck, armrest and knee support
  • Heavy-duty metal base with smooth caster wheels of 60mm
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Rocking upto 15°


  • No cons so far

Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

green soul monster vs vision

Specifications –

  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120Kg
  • Recline degree: 180°
  • Colour: Black, Grey, standard
  • Mechanism: butterfly mechanism

The newly launched and unhackneyed Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair has tangled gaming chair lovers. People are eagerly snapping up and reviewing the vision gaming chair.

No wonder in just 4 months, the chair has made a smash-hitting record.

The vision is available in three different colours and 2 upholstery options- PU leather and fabric. With the butterfly mechanism and 4D adjustable armrest, it’s quite a handy product to use. The flat and spacious seat of moulded foam delivers ultimate comfort to the sitter.

The vision chair is updated with multiple features like a 15° rocking range, 90-180° adjustable backrest angle, class 4 gas lift, 60mm caster wheels and heavy-duty base.

Along with that, the chair has a 120Kg maximum weight capacity and a suitable height of 5ft to 5.10”. Furthermore, the 3 years warranty manufacturer’s warranty makes it a hassle-free journey.


  • Heavy-duty metal base with spacious flat seat
  • Neck and lumbar pillow for additional support
  • Maintain blood circulation and prevent heating
  • 2 upholstery options
  • 60mm heavy-duty, ultra-smooth caster wheels
  • 4D adjustable armrest


  • No cons so far

Comparison Table: Green Soul Monster vs Vision

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What makes both megahit chairs appreciable yet distinguishable?


The design and look of both the chairs are pretty similar, and there’s not much of a hassle to differentiate both the exclusively great chairs.  Thus, based on design and look, you can lay your hands on any of the chairs.


Weight Compared to the weight of both the Green Soul Monster vs Vision, the green soul monster chair is lightweight in comparison to Green Soul Vision.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of the Green Soul Monster Ultimate Gaming Chair is 135Kg; on the other hand, Green Soul Vision Gaming Chair has a maximum weight capacity of 120Kg. You can buy one that fits your weight fitting and boundaries.


The Green soul Ultimate Monster gaming chair and Green soul Vision have similar features in 180° reclining, adjustable backrest, 60mm dual caster wheels, height suitability of 5ft to 5.10″ and 4D adjustable armrest, with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Editor’s Choice

Are you on the edge of one’s seat to know what the editor’s choice is? If the decision is in our hands, we would love to choose the latest edition of Green Soul Vision. The perfect eye-soothing design, and updated features are quite arousing to the users.

Final Verdict: A chair that will love your life and comfort

Both the Green Soul Monster Ultimate chair and Green Soul Vision are the phenomenal invention of the Green soul in the past year years simultaneously. But, according to the current going statics, the Green Soul Vision is one step ahead of the Green Soul Monster Ultimate chair.

Users are pretty happy and satisfied with the new launch, and above that, the mind-boggling design is going to melt your heart in one go.

But, you can check both the chairs according to your comfort and have a grasp of any one of them.

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