Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Review – Worth the Price or Not?

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Review- Worth the Price or Not?

Are you a gamer or freelancer or businessman and tired of working all day sitting on your uncomfortable wooden chair? If yes, then don’t worry. Nokaxus has a comfortable solution to your problem. Hopefully, you know that Nokaxus is an expert in manufacturing gaming chairs. Soft and comfortable gaming chairs allow you to sit for hours and work. However, if your chair is uncomfortable, you may experience some health problems like backbone and neck pain, etc. you may also feel sleepy and tired due to which you cannot focus on your work. Obviously, that’s not good. So, it would help if you bought a comfortable chair to solve your comfort issues.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 – An overview

Nokaxus has manufactured a lot of gaming chairs. These gaming chairs are trendy among people.  Especially Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008 is specially designed, keeping in view your comfort. This chair is of large size, firm and you know it comes in many colors, which are the best thing. Another important thing is that it is of modern style. Do you want to learn more interesting facts about this amazing chair? Yes. Let us see more details of Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK- 6008.

Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008 price
Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008

Characteristic features of Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008

  • It is made of high-quality leather. Its base is made of firm steel alloy, which gives it extra strength.
  • It is also equipped with an armrest and footrest to comfort your arms and legs, respectively.
  • It also contains a lumbar cushion to prevent any possible backbone problem.
  • The backrest is 36.2 inches long and 22 inches wide. While the height of the armrest can be adjusted between 11-14 inches. The seat is 16 inches wide, and its adjustable height is 19-22 inches.
  • And you know an interesting thing about a lumbar cushion is that it acts as a massager too. Actually, it is a USB waist massage pillow. So, when you sit on it, this chair will massage you. Isn’t it amazing?  
  • Moreover, there is also a neck pillow. That keeps you away from neck pain. Hence, you may see betterment in your posture and work potential within days.
  • For your maximum comfort, it also contains a thick, high-density sponge. After sitting on this chair, you will indeed feel the utmost comfort and relaxation.
  • It also has PU wheels so you can orient yourself in any direction more easily. These wheels move so smoothly that even you cannot feel the movement and friction. It will also protect your floor.
  • It is also available in different colors. Colors include black, white, red, pink, and blue. From all these colors; you can pick your favorite one. It’s your matter of choice.
  • The wide and long backrest will also make you extra relaxed. If you have a good height than average, don’t worry. This chair’s backrest is long enough to support you.
  • Furthermore, another great thing is that you can even take a rest on this chair. Since you can rotate the backrest by 180 degrees to rest on it or take a nap.
  • Last but not least this production company gives you a warranty of one year. So, the company will return your money or replace the product in case of any deformation within one year. The reliability and quality assurance of the company is also guaranteed.
Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008 price
Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008

What’s special about Nokaxus?

The employees of Nokaxus are very vigilant so you can contact them at any time. They are available 24 hours a day and instantly reply to you to share and solve your problem. Isn’t it remarkable? Of course, it is.

Why buy Nokaxus gaming chair YK- 6008?

Are you still why I am emphasizing you to buy this product? So have an answer, please. I am recommending this chair due to the following unique features.

  • This chair has a retractable footstool to relax your legs and take rest.
  • It has a USB waist massage pillow that even massages you when you are so tired.
  • Because it is beautiful and fabulous. Definitely, it will give your office or room a charming look.
  • If you are a girl who loves to play games, Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008 in pink will be your favorite option. We hope you will love it due to its soft pink delightful color.
  • It is safer due to SGS class 3 barometers.
  • This chair can bear a weight of 220-396 lbs. while its own weighs 57 pounds.
  • This chair is made of breathable perforated PU leather. This leather is of high quality and provides you maximum comfort due to pores.
  • You can rotate this chair by 360 degrees means i.e., in any direction, that’s great.
Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Review
Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008
Who can use this chair?

This chair is a perfect choice for you if you are a gamer, a freelancer, or a businessman. You can place it in your office. Whether you are a doctor, a writer, or from any profession, you can use it.  Thus, you can relax on it in leisure time.

How can we say it is so sturdy?

Actually, the main reason behind this sturdy chair is its outstanding design. The chair’s skeleton is made of strong steel, and the whole upholstery is of pure, long-lasting leather. Not only are this but rolling caster also made of strong PU materials. All these features make this chair so sturdy.

Why is it so attractive?

The enticing colors and the unique design make the chair attractive. Especially when a chair comes in soft pink or blue or red color, it becomes more charming. Moreover, it looks more beautiful and unique when its footrest is open. Of course, this chair will potentially impress other people about your choice.

Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008 price

The price of this model of the Nokaxus gaming chair is a little bit different for different colors. Yet prices can fluctuate but keeping in view the features of this chair; prices are very reasonable. In the same prize, no other gaming chair can compete with this chair with such multitasking features.

Precisely, prices lie within the range of 180-250 USD. If you order through Amazon, you will have a handsome discount.

Some good and not so good facts about Nokaxus YK-6008


  • Really comfortable due to the very thick seat.
  • The gaming chair is equipped with a massager which is powerful enough to relieve you.
  • Highly adjustable so you can adjust most of its parts according to your requirement. It is possible due to its rocking and lifting functions.
  • Available in multi-colors so you can choose any color according to your choice.
  • Due to the enormous demand currently, it is unavailable. It will be back in the stock soon.


  • There is no proper instruction manual with this product. That’s why customers find it a bit difficult to assemble.
  • Footrest doesn’t extend far enough. So not suitable for tall people.

End Words by the Writer

So, these were all our efforts to introduce this fantastic Nokaxus gaming chair YK-6008 to you. Hopefully, your knowledge about this gaming chair is now greater than before. And now you are well familiar with some extraordinary features of this chair.

With these exciting features, this chair helps you to maintain your health. Moreover, it also enables you to concentrate and excel in your passion. So, if you want to play games for hours, or work online for day long, don’t miss the chance and place your order for this chair. Our team is confident that you will be much happier with this choice.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008 Build & Review Video

Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-6008

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