Rekart gaming chair (RGC-3) Review 2023 PU + PVC Black Frame, 350mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support

Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3) PU + PVC Black Frame, 350mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support

Are gaming chairs worth buying? Here are the reasons why now a day gaming chairs are preferred over wooden chairs or office chairs.

A lot of people always seem to be confused about whether to buy a gaming chair or not? In this article, we Gameholic. is going to guide you on whether a gaming chair is a perfect option for you or not, and if it is then which one is your cup of tea.

Gaming chairs are notorious among us because they give a sassy look.

The gaming chairs are cynosure among us as they look excellent with these mind-blowing designs, including me in the list.

If I would buy a chair, its design and look will be on my priority list.

Gaming chairs are way more comfortable than wooden chairs, and office chairs.

This post will give you the options you should prefer before buying a new comfortable gaming chair.

Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3) PU + PVC Black Frame, 350mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support, Angle 90-175 Degree Office and Gaming Chair
Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3)

The foremost reason to purchase a gaming chair is for the brassy look.

The first impression is the last.

As soon as we enter the retail shop or online shop, we search for the look.

Yes! How much can one deny the fact? It’s the truth that our first pointing to notice looks, the design.

And if you are not looking preferable, I suggest you go for a comfortable office chair at a much introductory price.

Gaming chairs are more like a design of a racing car seat with an ergonomic, stylish design. These office chairs may be comfortable but are not for long-term hours.

With gaming chairs you going have to limit to only one option, you can get both comfort and grace at one place, and it’s more than entirely ok.

The second point is height and Weight adjustable.

If you are 6 feet or 6″ 2′ or have a heavyweight of 100 kg or 150 kg, then it’s no small feat to search for a perfect option for your body type.

Still, you buy a chair, but then you have to compromise your comfort.

With this gaming chair, you need not worry as they come with specific height adjustments and have a good weight capacity as per your requirement.

Some gaming chairs are specifically designed for small users.

A few editions like the carbon pro mystic series Ergonomic gaming chair or Rekart gaming chair (RGC-03) are for large-sized users.

Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3) PU + PVC Black Frame, 350mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support, Angle 90-175 Degree Office and Gaming Chair
Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3)

Easy shifting and space preserving-

These prominent gaming chairs are easily movable across your house according to your comfort. And one should thank them for saving their floor from screeches.


Almost every other gaming chair comes up with a 2-3 year warranty and guarantee.

So, need not worry about the damage.

If you receive it in an inconvenient shape, it can be returned quickly.

Still, people have doubts about why gaming chairs.

What difference do they make? Why not use a simple chair at a low price? Well, It has been proved that gaming chairs are the perfect combo of technology and comfort.

This is the reason gaming chairs are not only ruling over the furniture world, but over teens and gamers, and office worker’s hearts too.

Till here we have told you about the gaming chairs, but which one is suitable for you?

There are a bunch of fishes in the ocean, but which one is the golden one?

Well, for that you have to be with us along with this article.

Slowly but steadily, you will find the perfect piece for you.

So, stays connected and stay alert.

Every time we have something new with unique features for you, and this time we’ve got one of our best gaming chairs for you if you are seeking a comfortable room.

So, today’s limelight stealer is the edition of Rekart, which is Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3) PU + PVC Black Frame, 350 mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support; Angle 90-175 Degree Office and Gaming Chair.

Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3) PU + PVC Black Frame, 350mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support, Angle 90-175 Degree Office and Gaming Chair
Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3)

What’s unique about our today’s product and the brand is their uniqueness in making products from waste.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Rekart is one of the top-notch companies that deal with today’s environmental issues to convert waste into good.

‘And how they do it is what makes them different from any other gaming chair designing company.

It is a gaming chair designing company and a well-known electronics, furniture, plastic, and paper designing company.

Imagine that a company started with such innovative ideas, how many other creative ideas do they have to design your demanded gaming chairs.

Let’s just put a hand together in their support for these innovative ideas.

So, we have our edition of the Rekart gaming chair (RGC-3). Let’s look at what innovative ideas and efforts the company has put up into this product.

These chairs are beautiful monster chair with unique features and look.

Talking about the look and not praising this eye-soothing design is not a good idea. It is a white and red coloured gaming chair.

As we have started with the look, let’s not forget about the material and leather used for this Rekart gaming chair (RGC-3).

The frame of this chair is made of reusable polyvinyl chloride with a whole weight of 18 kilograms.

This colossal price has a dimension of 40×40×80 cm with an outer material of steel.

This Rekart gaming chair can put up a maximum weight capacity of 130 kilograms.

Apart from all this, what’s out of the box is its stain resistant quality.

This Rekart gaming chair’s outer layer comprises premium PU leather with tremendous 2.0 strain resistant qualities.

And the most convenient point is, now you can clean this chair on a regular base as there’s no fear of space damage. Not only quality, but the look of the leather is relatively admirable.

Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3) PU + PVC Black Frame, 350mm Metal Base, with Lumbar Support, Angle 90-175 Degree Office and Gaming Chair
Rekart Gaming Chair (RGC-3)

Whether its strength, abrasion, hydrolysis or stability, this chair is over every other option.

Not to mention its 175-degree reclining option, where you can not only sit, lay back but can take a cheerful nap on this chair.

This chair has a great class 4 gas lift, which has an excellent quality of lifting your Weight according to your comfort.

And you can swivel a full 360 degree in this Rekart gaming chair.

Let’s see what more this chair has to present in front of us.

Yes, here I’m talking about the pros and cons.


  • Full Lumbar support.
  • Neck rest pillow.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Strong metal base.
  • 90-175 degree reclining.
  • 360-degree swivels


  • No such cons are there.

Rekart gaming chair (RGC-3) Reviews-

If you are looking for a chair at a low- fair price below 15,000, this is a suitable option. Reasonable and quality product will be delivered at your doorstep by the top retail online shopping site, Amazon.

This Rekart gaming chair (RGC-3) is one of the best editions of Rekart Company.

A two pillow collection with headrest, one lumbar pillow and the second one for the back support. Additional that it has a 3D armrest and an adjustable lift option.

This is the utmost important deal for anyone looking for the best gaming chair at a worthwhile price.

Choose wisely and smartly with Gameholic. in.

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