Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102 Review (Highly Recommended)

Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102 review [Updated 2023]

Are you tired of sitting on a wooden or plastic chair and working for hours? If yes, then you should read this whole article until the end. In fact, in this article, I will tell you about an exciting gaming chair. The manufacturer of this chair is a famous brand Seat Chacha. I hope you are quite familiar with the brand. Seat Chacha is well known for its beautiful gaming chairs. Do you know the importance of a good gaming chair? It keeps you healthy and makes you relax. So you can give your maximum output in your job and your game if you are a potential gamer. The enticing colors and features made it irresistible but to review Seat Chacha Gaming Chair in India. So let’s see the details of this beautiful chair.

Seat Chacha gaming chair- An Overview

It is a beautiful chair in an alluring contrast of black and orange. You will find your office or room more beautiful after placing this chair. Furthermore, the whole structure of this chair makes it so comfortable.

I am sure you have heard about the nicknames of humans or pets only. But the exciting thing is that this chair is famous in the market for its nickname “The Conqueror.”  When you order this chair, tell the dealer, I want “The Conqueror.”

Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102 review
Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102

Salient features of seat chacha gaming chair

Although this gaming chair has a lot of features, some of the exciting features are as follows:

  • The dimensions of this chair are also suitable for even tall and fat people. The chair’s height is about 38-48cm. The depth of the seat is 48cm, and its width is 52cm.
  • Since the seat’s width is more significant; it is very soft and comfortable.
  • The internal frame of this chair is wooden. At the same time, mesh and high-quality leather cover the upholstery. The mesh fabric of this chair makes it super comfortable.
  • The cushioned headrest helps you to enjoy your comfort. Furthermore, it also protects you from spine or backbone pain, etc.
  • The armrests are broader and thicker to give you maximum comfort. So when you feel tired relax and enjoy the rest on the headrest and armrest.
  • Different parts are adjustable, and you can install them easily.
  • The wheels of this chair are also impressive. The manufacturers have designed them in such a way that they do not damage your floor. Similarly, they also enable you to change your position even while sitting on a chair.
  • It comes in a unique and delightful color combination of black and orange. Moreover, the design is also beautiful, and you will find it unique in the market.
  • The weight of this beautiful chair is only 15kg, which is pretty lighter than other chairs. So, it is easily portable for you, and you can place it at any place.
  • This chair can bear a weight of 90kg.
  • The most exciting thing about this chair is its budget-friendly price. If you see the above features, you will find that this chair is not much expensive as other chairs on the market.
  • We should not forget that the company offers a warranty for one year with this product. So the standard of the company is guaranteed.
Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102 review
Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102

Some more exciting features of Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102

  • There are windows in the headrest for airflow. Similarly, it also contains a padded headrest that assists in airflow.
  • There comes a warranty for one year with this chair. It means that you will get full-on customer support and free replacement of the faulty part in case of any damage or fault.
  • Another exciting thing is its frame with the highest density. This thickest frame makes it the most stable chair. It also makes you safer.
  • The chair can rotate at 360° so that you can orient yourself in any position. Amazing!
  • Moreover, you get complete customer service from the company while buying this product. So, you can assemble this product with great ease.
  • Finally, as it is light in weight, you can quickly shift this chair from one place to another. Even a child can move it.

Pros and cons of seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102


  • The design of this chair is very stylish and unique.
  • Its price is very affordable and reasonable.
  • Its material is of high quality, either its frame or its upholstery.
  • The seats, armrests, and headrests are all very comfortable.
  • The color combination is lovely. Very few chairs come in a unique contrast of black and orange.


  • It has a wooden frame, while people often prefer a metallic structure for maximum strength.
  • The guide that the company provides with this product is confusing. Even some people fail to understand the instructions in the manual.

Who can use this chair?

Well, this chair is multitasking, and you can use it in any office or your home. You can use this if you are a freelancer, a gamer, a manager, an IT expert, a doctor, a writer, or in any office where you work.

 It is so light and simple that you can place it anywhere. It is not heavy or complicated, like many other gaming chairs.  Moreover, armrests are soft and ergonomic shaped and thus are more comfortable. Hence many people prefer this chair for their use.

Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102 review
Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102

The most beautiful thing about seat Chacha gaming chair SC-1102

Moreover, do you know the most beautiful thing about this chair? That is its price. Seat Chacha gaming chair price is so reasonable, even less than 10,000. Isn’t it so exciting? Of course, it is.

As compared to other chairs in the market that are quite expensive, this beautiful chair is pocket friendly. So, if you are thinking of buying this chair, forget about your budget. And remember only to enjoy the maximum pleasure of rest.

Why do I highly recommend it?

I am highly recommending your seat chacha gaming chair SC-1102, due to the following reasons:

Even if you are a beginner and cannot afford an expensive gaming chair, you can buy it. Thus, you can work hard and achieve your goals. Don’t worry about the chacha gaming chair SC-1102 price because it is within your reach. So, hurry up and find your piece.

Since it is easy to assemble, there is no need for an expert to install it, but you can easily install it. That is also a plus point of this simple chair. It makes you tension free as it does not include any tricky parts.

All you have to do is adjust the seat’s height with a knob below the center. It saves your time and money as well. After changing the seat height, relax and think about how much money you have saved.

The bottom lines

Due to the low price of Seat Chacha Gaming Chair SC-1102, it is always in demand. So, it is currently out of stock, but hopefully will be available soon. Remember that always buy a gaming chair from some credible and trustworthy source. Thus, you have not to regret it in the future.

With its cost-effectiveness, you get maximum comfort in bonuses. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful in enhancing your information about this chair. I must say you will never be disappointed with this product and this brand.

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