What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use in India 2023?

Top 7 Best Gaming Chairs That Use Streamers in India 2023

With time, the careers and hobbies of people are changing. From a few known professions, people are moving to innovative pathways. Anyone having a sitting job knows the real struggle for a chair. And who else knows it more than YouTubers and pro gamers.

Who does not love to watch YouTube? Or play online games. We all have some favorite YouTuber or gamer. Every other person reading this article might have some YouTuber or gamer whom they are crazy for.

In the old days, people used to consider gaming and YouTube as a waste of time; in today’s date, YouTubers, streamers, and gamers are among the topmost earners with a large fan following of millions.

But for that, they have to a real struggle, sitting in front of the system for long hours is not as easy as ABC; it took a lot of effort and commitment to stay in a single place for hours. For hours and hours, they sit in front of their system and search for new modes to entertain us.

I wonder how they manage to do that? Do you?

I was wondering what gaming chair do streamers use? Do you have this question in your mind as well?

So, I followed my instinct and searched real hard to know what gaming chair the steamer used to feel comfortable and adjustable for long hours.

I’m sure you are equally excited as as I’m. I hope my research will help you know what chair your favorite YouTuber, streamer, or gamer use.

Till the end of this article, you will be aware that what chairs are used by the steamers and which one is the best for you.

We have selected the top ten best gaming chairs used by pro streamers and gamers. Each chair varies in quality, price, features, a comfort. Now you have to decide which one is best for you.

The number of chairs used by the pro gamers is-

  • DXRacer Racing Series
  • GT RACING Gaming Chair
  • Herman Miller Aeron
  • Herman Miller Embody
  • Homall Gaming Chair
  • RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair
  • RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Rocker chair.

1. DXRacer Racing series.

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

Let’s start with the oldest, most experienced, and most famous brand in the gaming chair, DXRacer. DXRACER Racing chairs have this incredible sturdy, comfortable, durable seating that lets gamers and YouTubers a prolonged durational sitting.

The chairs of DXRacer have this extended backrest for full-back support and a straight spine; like this, the whole weight distributes among the chair. It reduces the back pressure and lowers the chance of back issues.

The DXRacer gaming series has an adjustable 4D armrest with a movement in the up, down, right, and back directions. Additionally to that, it has an easy tilt of 135 degrees.

The chair is comfortable with padding features; high density molded foam, two lumbar, and headrest pillows. 

It is a specially designed, ergonomic gaming chair.


  • It has a racing car seat design.
  • The seat is favorable to good posture.
  • Flexible and adjustable backrest.
  • Molded foam.
  • 3D armrest.


  • Not a very good option for a heavier and taller individual.

2. GT Racing gaming chair.

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

Black and red beauty at a very affordable price, with adjustable features, one look in their gaming chair.

This chair has a unique deep recline of 90 to 170 degrees. And because of the 170-degree movement, this chair is a comfortable piece to sleep in. Yes! You can easily tilt it to 170 degrees. It’s super cool! Right?

It prevents the movement of carpal tunnel syndrome.

This chair has easy-going strain-resistant features. Now no worry about spilling your drink. It has a smooth PU seat cushion and a removable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow.

This chair is a perfect fit for tall and large size individuals.

This is a high-height chair with astonishing weight capacity with a heavy metal base for long-lasting durability.


  • A 90° to 170° recline.
  • Attached are Lumbar back support and a headrest pillow.
  • Heavyweight capacity.
  • Smooth, comfortable foam.
  • 3D armrest.


  • Sturdy, when lean back.

3. Herman Miller Aeron

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

One of the most known and expensive gaming chairs. Herman Miller Aeron is one of the unique ergonomic chairs any gamer is looking for.

This chair has a sturdy mechanism, which is very useful for proper spinal alignment. It has a soft, high-density foam for lumbar support.

The Aeron has breathable foam of woven pellicle material.

This material is designed to provide firmness and relaxing armor to the person sitting on it.

This chair has a breathable and smooth design to increase blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the brain for a more extended focus.

This Aeron gaming chair has every single feature a pro gamer and streamer look for.

It has a smooth tilt mechanism, a fully adjustable armrest, arm pads made of leather, and smooth Rolling casters. It is along with term durable chair which comes with a full 12- year warranty from the company.

It is precisely what the gaming chair streamer use.


  • It is pre fully assembled, not an additional need to assemble it.
  • Highly flexible and durable.
  • Comfortable armrest.
  • Very smooth reclining.
  • Include lumbar support and armrest.


  • No headrest is available.

4. Herman Miller Embody.

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

Another chair of the Herman miller is Herman Miller Embody.

More the features more are the price. It is a high-end chair with a unique ergonomic technology with health benefits and long suiting hours.

This chair has a unique support system with four individual layers for support and flexibility. This chair has multi-layer leather, which supports the whole body movements and weight.

This chair has a slim and smooth backrest for spinal alignment. For the long stretch and unrestrained movement, it has a thinner backrest. It has easy bending and a fully reclining position.

The incredible uniqueness of this chair is, it is environmentally friendly. The chair of Herman Miller is greenhouse manufacturing and made of 100% renewable energy. And It is hassle-free and saves your time as it comes already assembled from the company.


  • Environment friendly and good for health and posture.
  • 12-year warranty from the company.
  • Easy adjustment options.
  • Updated design.
  • Bunch of padding for maximum comfort.


  • More expensive compared to other chairs.

5. Homall gaming chairs.

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

Homall Gaming chair is one of the cheapest gaming chairs in the market.

There are nine different shades of racer-style gaming chair, which gracefully suits your room’s look.

It is a well-earned combination of comfort, style, and Ergonomics.

Homall Gaming chair offers a 150° reclining feature that would provide you with an enjoyable nap and gaming sessions. It has a soft memory foam seat to relieve the tension and pressure in your back and legs.

It has a high back with a removable headrest and lumbar pillow.

It is made up of upgrading PU leather. The plus point of this Homall gaming chair is it is water-resistant, durable, and tear-resistant. It is a worthy price chair for chair lovers. And one of the best options for the streamers.


  • It is the most accessible chair to assemble.
  • Supports long sitting periods.
  • Rocking function.
  • Molded foam with a comfortable look.
  • The maximum reclining of 180°


  • It has no armrest adjustability.
  • Leather is not for a longer duration.

6. RESPAWN 110 racing style gaming chair.

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

RESPAWN 110 racing-style gaming chair is one of the most comfortable chairs in its price range. It is precisely what the gaming chair do streamers use.

Because it is the most comfortable and best option for streamers, YouTubers, and gamers, it has incredible gripping and provides minimal body fraction.

It has a pretty cool height adjustment feature to lower and raise the height.

It has a desired reclining angle of 90° to 155°. It has a padded footrest.

It has a bold leather material with a smooth texture. Giving a luxurious feel, this chair is ruling over the heart of hundreds of people.

It includes a 5-point metal base with a steel frame and long-lasting time. It has easy assembly in a blink—one of the easiest yet most classy gaming chairs.


  • Design of racing car seat.
  • Easy going padded footrest.
  • Soft padded armrest.
  • 155-degree recline.
  • 360-degree swivel.


  • Leather odor needed to be removed.
  • It has a strong odor when unboxed.

7. RESPAWN RSP-900 racing chair.

What Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use?
Gaming Chair Do Streamers Use

RESPAWN RSP- 900 racing chair is the prior choice for the video game players or the one who loves to play the game on television. This respawn has a metal base just lower to the floor with a 360-degree swivel. It has a backward and front recline.

It has a removable headrest and lumbar pillow according to comfort and ease. It has a challenging armrest with a nice padding footrest and has separate spaces for wires.

It has a beautiful left arm cup holder and removable Pouch for additional accessories like phones, wallets, and controllers.

It is pretty easeful for a nap or sleep time with a reclining of 135°.


  • Has an inbuilt left side cup holder.
  • Has a padded footrest.
  • Well, padded seat with a headrest pillow.
  • Removable side Pouch for controller and remote, wallet holder.
  • Easeful for cleaning.


  • The leather is made of polyvinyl.

So, these are the top 7 list of what gaming chairs do streamers use. I have searched for the best results for you, and here they are.

Now, it’s your turn to choose your best chair and buy the best gaming chair for you.

I hope this article will bring the best to your home.

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